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Bandai has added a new extension to the Digimon franchise with Digimon Card Game. From the hit animated television show to other competitive collectible card game - like Digimon Rumble Arena and Digimon Digi-Battle Card game, this new free online CCG will help players learn more about the game, test their decks, and play with other gamers. The Digimon Card Game was first released in Japanese but is now available in English. 

Is there a Digimon Card Game?

Digimon Card Game is Bandai’s newer version of the Digimon Digi-Battle Card game. Since expanding the number of translations, there are more well-established local and international competitive tournaments, well-distributed booster boxes, premium products, and rare items up for grabs. Japanese, English, and Portuguese are just some of the languages the game offers. In addition, the app aims to allow multiple generations of players - adults, teens, and pre-teens - to play this game.

Long-time fans of Digimon can use this app to teach others about Digimon cards and how to trade them on this platform. For example, The Chrono Clash gauge is one of the most commonly traded cards. The game will show you that the gauge begins at zero allowing the player to drop any card they want. When they drop a card that is above zero, it means it’s his opponent’s turn to drop a card that starts at zero, then subtracts the overlapping cost of the last card played. 

Players with experience with the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online that this has a similar reward system. You will see 5 cards set aside at the beginning of the game. The cards will decrease whenever your opponent’s digital monster successfully attacks you. With more digi-power or DP, you can evolve your Digimon or perform Digivolve to cause more damage to the opposing player. The power system is also similar to another game called CardFight! Vanguard so, the replayability of this game is not as high as more original games.

Built- for Digimon fans 

Both new and current Digimon fans can start playing the Digimon Card Game to test their decks and fight with players from around the world. While the gameplay is similar to previous Bandai games and similar trading card games, it can help bring multiple generations of Digimon players on one app. This means there is no shortage of servers and you can bond with your friends or family members who love the franchise too. 


  • Compete in real-time Digimon competitions
  • Follows Digimon CCG rules
  • Available in multiple international languages


  • Lacks new, exciting game mechanics

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

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